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resultType statementreturns the full class name or alias of the value type

  • resultType returns a map set, key is the column name, and value is the corresponding value

Using resultMap to realize joint table query

  • A mapping relationship is established between the resultMap query result set and the java Bean
    • Multi table query sql statement
      SELECT su.*,r.rolename FROM sys_user su,"role" r WHERE su.roleid AND =1;
    • Result set of query
  • Establish a mapping relationship between the result set and the entity class, and add the fields to be displayed in the User entity class, rolename and roleid
  • Use resultMap to establish the data to be displayed. property represents the attribute of the entity class and column represents the field of the table
  • Test class
  • console output

Note: the method in dao layer interface must correspond to the sql statement in mapper file. For example, the following error

  • junit reported the following error
  • console output
15:01:39.643 [main] DEBUG org.apache.ibatis.logging.LogFactory - Logging initialized using 'class org.apache.ibatis.logging.log4j2.Log4j2Impl' adapter.
15:01:39.649 [main] DEBUG - Class not found: org.jboss.vfs.VFS
15:01:39.650 [main] DEBUG - JBoss 6 VFS API is not available in this environment.
15:01:39.650 [main] DEBUG - Class not found: org.jboss.vfs.VirtualFile
15:01:39.651 [main] DEBUG - VFS implementation is not valid in this environment.
15:01:39.651 [main] DEBUG - Using VFS adapter
15:01:39.652 [main] DEBUG - Find JAR URL: file:/D:/program/jee-2020-03/workspace/mybatis-demo/build/classes/cn/bdqn/pojo
15:01:39.652 [main] DEBUG - Not a JAR: file:/D:/program/jee-2020-03/workspace/mybatis-demo/build/classes/cn/bdqn/pojo
15:01:39.696 [main] DEBUG - Reader entry: Role.class
15:01:39.698 [main] DEBUG - Reader entry: User.class
15:01:39.699 [main] DEBUG - Listing file:/D:/program/jee-2020-03/workspace/mybatis-demo/build/classes/cn/bdqn/pojo
15:01:39.699 [main] DEBUG - Find JAR URL: file:/D:/program/jee-2020-03/workspace/mybatis-demo/build/classes/cn/bdqn/pojo/Role.class
15:01:39.699 [main] DEBUG - Not a JAR: file:/D:/program/jee-2020-03/workspace/mybatis-demo/build/classes/cn/bdqn/pojo/Role.class
15:01:39.700 [main] DEBUG - Reader entry: ����

The reason is that the method is written in the RoleMapper interface and the sql statement is not written in the corresponding xml file

  • RoleMapper.xml
  • When the column name of the database is different from the entity class, you need to use resultMap mapping
  • resultMap is also required for association mapping during joint query

Configure the log implementation of mybatis as log4j2, and sql statements will be printed during background printing and output

  • Use association to associate Java beans to realize query

    • When an entity class is an attribute of another entity class, such as:
  • Use the sub attribute association of resultMap to implement
  • You can also write a resultMap separately and reference it in the association, such as:
  • The test results are the same
  • When a collection exists in an entity class
  • Use the collection in the resultMap to associate the implementation
  • Test class
  • test result

The required data is displayed in resultmap, association and collection, and the unnecessary data can not be displayed

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