Miniconda 4.8.3 quick installation and usage record of Jupyter on Windows 10 - lightweight Anaconda

brief introduction

Miniconda official website
Anaconda is a python distribution for scientific computing. It supports Linux, MAC and windows, and contains many popular Python packages for scientific computing and data analysis.
Due to the distance from abroad and slow download, Anaconda installation package can be downloaded to Tsinghua mirror Anaconda Download.

The 552m and 553km packages can be used to install the mini conda instead of the 552m package.
Miniconda installation package can be downloaded to Tsinghua mirror miniconda Download.
Slow download abroad
The content of this article has passed the Windows 10 pro test under VirtualBox. The code is not run in cmd, but in Anaconda prompt.

Download and install Miniconda

First to Tsinghua mirror miniconda Download the latest version of the corresponding installation package. Here I download Miniconda3-py38_4.8.3-Windows-x86_64.exe
Just install all the way directly. It should be noted that conda will not be added to the system path by default. There is no requirement here. After installation, a new column Anaconda3 will be added in the menu

At this time, open Anaconda Prompt and verify that conda is installed and running on the system by entering the following command:

conda --version

Conda displays the version number you have installed. A similar description of conda 4.8.3 appears. The installation is successful. If the downloaded version is too old, enter the following:

conda update conda

CONDA compares versions and displays which versions can be installed. If you have a newer version of CONDA, enter y to update:

Proceed ([y]/n)? y

Configure domestic image source

As we all know, foreign websites often crash, explode and fail to connect (dog head), so you need to configure the domestic image source by yourself. If you don't configure the painting, unless you surf the Internet scientifically, you will want to fry chicken when downloading other things later.

View existing mirror sources

conda config --show channels

Enter conda to run. You can see the location of the configuration file in the config column and open it with Notepad + + or Notepad + (if there is no. Condac file, you can execute conda config --set show_channel_urls yes to generate the file before opening it.)

After opening, it's almost the same as below

Then copy all of the following Tsinghua image configuration sheets (ali mixed in) (because the update is too fast and difficult to synchronize, Tsinghua does not synchronize the three packages: pytorch nightly, pytorch nightly CPU and ignite nightly)

  - defaults
show_channel_urls: true

After saving, you can add Anaconda Python free warehouse.
As shown in the figure below

Run conda clean -i to clear the index cache and ensure that the index provided by the mirror station is used.

Installing Jupyter

Open Anaconda Prompt and enter PIP install Jupiter to install Jupiter. I have to say that the download is slow. Fortunately, the image is blessed, otherwise it can't be downloaded
After installation, you can start Jupiter: Jupiter notebook

Exit by pressing Ctrl + C in Prompt

Environmental management

When you start using conda, you already have a default environment called base. However, you don't want to put the program into the basic environment. Create separate environments to isolate programs from each other.



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