Basic theory of network marketing

Basic theory of network marketing


Network marketing, also known as online marketing or e-marketing, refers to business activities based on modern marketing theory and realizing marketing objectives with the help of network, communication and digital media technology.
Network marketing is a series of behaviors that take the Internet as the core platform, network users as the center, market demand and cognition as the guidance, and use various network application means to achieve the purpose of enterprise marketing.


1. Cross time and space
2. Multimedia
3. Interactivity
4. Personalization
5. Growth
6. Integration
7. Advancement
8. Efficiency
9. Economy
10. Technicality

Several points of discrimination

1. Network marketing does not exist in isolation

  • Network marketing is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of enterprises. Network marketing activities cannot exist independently from the general marketing environment. In many cases, network marketing theory is the application and development of traditional marketing theory in the Internet environment.

2. Online marketing is not equal to online sales

  • Online marketing is an activity for the purpose of finally realizing product sales and improving brand image. Online sales is the result of the development of online marketing to a certain stage, but this is not the result. Therefore, online marketing itself is not equal to online sales. Network marketing is the deep exposure of products or brands.

3. Network marketing is not equal to e-commerce

  • Network marketing and e-commerce are a pair of closely related and obviously different concepts, which are easy to be confused. The connotation of e-commerce is very broad, and its core is electronic transaction. E-commerce emphasizes all links of transaction mode and transaction process. The definition of network marketing has shown that network marketing is an integral part of the overall strategy of the enterprise. Network marketing itself is not a complete business transaction process, but provides support for promoting electronic transactions. Therefore, it is an important link in e-commerce. Especially before the transaction, network marketing plays a major role in information transmission.


1. Search engine marketing

 Namely SEM(Usually PPC By opening a search engine bidding, users can search for relevant keywords, and click the keyword creative link on the search engine to enter the website/The website further understands the information he needs, and then realizes his purpose by dialing the customer service phone on the website, communicating with online customer service, or directly submitting the form on the page.

2. Search engine optimization

 Namely SEO,It refers to using the optimization means inside and outside the website to improve the keyword ranking of the website in the search engine on the basis of understanding the natural ranking mechanism of the search engine, so as to obtain traffic, and then produce direct sales or establish an online brand.

3. Email marketing

  It is to provide industry and product information to required users by e-mail in the form of subscription, so as to establish trust and trust relationship with users.

4. Instant messaging marketing

    The marketing method of using internet instant chat tools for promotion and publicity

5. Viral marketing

   The marketing method of using word-of-mouth mode is low cost, and the marketing method of users comes from word-of-mouth mode. 

6. BBS marketing

    This application has been very common, especially for individual webmasters. Most of them fill the portal forum and leave their own website links, which can bring hundreds of users every day IP. 

7. Blog marketing

 Blog marketing is the establishment of enterprise blog or personal blog, which is used for the interaction and communication between enterprises and users and the embodiment of enterprise culture. Generally, the content of enterprise blog is such as industry comments, work feelings, mood essays and professional technology, so that users can trust the enterprise to deepen the brand influence.

8. Microblog marketing:

 Microblog marketing refers to a marketing method that creates value for businesses and individuals through microblog platform. It also refers to a business behavior that businesses or individuals find and meet various needs of users through microblog platform.

9. Wechat marketing

 Wechat marketing is an innovation of enterprise marketing mode in the era of network economy. It is an online marketing method rising with the popularity of wechat. There is no distance limit on wechat. After registering wechat, users can form a contact with "friends" who are also registered around. Users subscribe to the information they need. Businesses promote their products by providing the information users need, so as to realize point-to-point marketing, which is more prominent than experiential micro marketing.

10. Video marketing

 In the way of creative video, product information is moved into video clips and absorbed by popularization, which will not cause too much exclusion of user groups and is easy to be accepted by user groups.

11. Soft text marketing:

 As the name suggests, soft text advertising is a "text advertising" written by the market planners of enterprises or the copywriters of advertising companies, compared with hard advertising. Compared with hard advertising, the reason why soft text is called soft text lies in the subtlety of a "soft" word, which is like a needle hidden in the cotton, closed without revealing, and defeating the enemy invisible.

12. Experiential micro marketing

 Experiential micro marketing focuses on user experience, takes mobile Internet as the main communication platform, cooperates with traditional online media and mass media, and adopts strategic, manageable and sustainable O2O Online and offline interactive communication is a series of processes to establish, transform and strengthen customer relations and realize customer value. This way of thinking breaks through the traditional assumption of "rational consumers" and believes that consumers have both rationality and sensibility when consuming. The experience of consumers before, during and after consumption is the key to the study of consumer behavior and enterprise brand management. Experience based micro marketing SNS,Microblog, micro film, micro channel, micro vision, micro life, micro electronic commerce, etc. are the representative forms of new media, which makes it possible for enterprises or individuals to achieve low-cost communication beyond the traditional forms of advertising promotion.

13. O2O three-dimensional marketing

 O2O Three dimensional marketing is based on online marketing( Online),Offline( Offline)All media deep integrated marketing, guided by the transformation of improving brand value, uses the mobility of information system to help brand enterprises build a three-dimensional marketing network with all-round channels, and according to the market big data(BigData)Analyze and formulate a complete set of multi-dimensional and three-dimensional interactive marketing models, so as to realize that large brand enterprises comprehensively take the marketing effect as the objective, carry out multi-level classification according to the needs of the audience from an all-round perspective, and selectively use various communication channels including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, audio-visual, film, publishing, Internet and mobile, including text, pictures, sound, video Touch and other diversified forms of in-depth interaction and integration, covering all the senses of people receiving information such as vision, hearing, light, image and touch, and providing comprehensive and three-dimensional marketing coverage for the audience, so as to help enterprises build a multi-channel, multi-level, diversified, multi-dimensional and all-round three-dimensional marketing network.

14. We media marketing

 We media is also known as personal media or citizen media. We media platforms include personal blog, microblog, wechat, post bar, etc. 

15. New media marketing

 New media marketing refers to the mode of marketing using new media platform. stay web2.0 In the era of great innovation, marketing thinking also brings great changes and experience( experience),Communication( communicate),Difference( variation),Creativity( creativity),Relevance( relation),The Internet has entered new media communication 2.0 Times. Online magazines, blogs, microblogs, wechat TAG,SNS,RSS,WIKI And other emerging media.

basic function

Network brand

Website promotion

Information Delivery

Sales promotion

Online sales

Customer service

customer relations

Online research

Employment direction



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