Query data report

1. This step is to query the details, which can be used together with filling in the report. Here, the business logic layer is written directly

 1 #region Query overseas warehouse status report-annual report
 2         /// <summary>
 3         /// Query overseas warehouse status report-annual report
 4         /// </summary>
 5         /// <param name="mainId">enterprise id</param>
 6         /// <param name="year">year</param>
 7         /// <returns></returns>
 8         public async Task<OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReportBusDTO> GetOverseasWarehouseSituationYearReportFirstOrDefaultAsync(Guid reportId)
 9         {
11             var report = await _context.EntInfoReport.Where(c => c.Id == reportId).ProjectTo<EntInfoReportDTO>(_mapper.ConfigurationProvider).FirstOrDefaultAsync();
12             EntInfoDTO ent = null;
15             OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReportDTO OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReport = null;
17             List<OverseasHomeYearReportDTO> OverseasHomeYearReport = null;
19             if (report != null)
20             {
21                 ent = await _context.EntInfo.Where(c => c.MainId == report.MainId).ProjectTo<EntInfoDTO>(_mapper.ConfigurationProvider).FirstOrDefaultAsync();
22                 OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReport = await _context.OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReport.Where(c => c.ReportId == reportId).ProjectTo<OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReportDTO>(_mapper.ConfigurationProvider).FirstOrDefaultAsync();
24                 OverseasHomeYearReport = await _context.OverseasHomeYearReport.OrderBy(a => a.CreateTime).Where(c => c.ReportId == reportId).ProjectTo<OverseasHomeYearReportDTO>(_mapper.ConfigurationProvider).ToListAsync();
25             }
26             return new OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReportBusDTO()
27             {
28                 ReportId = reportId,
29                 MainId = ent?.MainId,
30                 EntName = ent?.EntName,
31                 EntSCCCode = ent?.EntSCCCode,
32                 EntInfoReport = report,
33                 OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReportDTO = OverseasWarehouseSituationYearReport,
34                 OverseasHomeYearReportDTO = OverseasHomeYearReport,
35             };
36         }
37         #endregion



Note: the data of the enterprise master table, the enterprise table and the report data are queried here


Cross border e-commerce project is a project for Shenzhen enterprises to fill in cross-border business, including one-year annual report, quarterly report, monthly report and semi annual report. After completing the management background audit and passing, statistics are generated


It took a year to build, a year to waste, and a year to do nothing.

Writing a summary is never to criticize how bad you were in the past, but to examine your changes in a year. This year is an agile iteration. Set the objectives to be achieved in this iteration cycle at the beginning of the year and repeat it at the end of the year to see what is done well in this year, continue to maintain it in the next year, and correct what is not done well in the next year. However, the biggest bug of this iteration is that the agile Master has only himself, and forgiving himself is always the easiest thing in the world.

I hope that I will become more self disciplined in the coming year and control my life in my own hands instead of being dragged away by life. I'm glad I'm still sober. Stop the loss in time or make up for the lost. The best starting time is always now. We're still young. Why can't we fight again? Maybe life is not as difficult as I imagined. The so-called difficulty is just that I don't want to try and follow others.

If you like sharing, write; If you like taking pictures, learn; If you like traveling, try to make money. Life is very short. I want to do a lot. Short videos can make me happy for a while, but I can't be happy for a lifetime. Think about it. Powerful people use it to realize the value of life, but I use it to consume life.

More extensive, photographing and profound technology, I will work hard in the next year to make a sideline, wait until next year's summary, take this post as evidence, and look forward to my change!

Come on! Workers


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