Shared documents for installing VmwareTools in MAC VMware Fusion virtual machine

Shared documents for installing VmwareTools in MAC VMware Fusion virtual machine

Originally, I thought that Mac could effectively learn Docker and various Docker applications. As a result, Docker does not support -- net=host network mode (windows does not support it, only linux supports it). Therefore, I decided to install virtual machine, installed three virtual machine software: paralls / VirtualBox / Vmware Fusion, and finally chose Vmware Fusion

Later, in order to get through the file sharing between the Mac host and Centos client, VMware Tools needs to be installed. After three days of this card, I still didn't understand what it meant. I checked a lot of information and didn't make it clear. I suddenly realized that I understand it now. I hereby make a record.

Tips: if you are VMware under Windows, your thinking and operation mode are the same.

Dependent environment

  • Operating system: MACOS Catalina 10.15.5
  • Software:

Wmware flushing professional 11.5.5 (16269456)

Installation mode 1: normal

  • Step 1: load the VMware Tools virtual disc on the client operating system.

At that time, I didn't know where to unzip the card, but I didn't know where to unzip it tar. GZ, I suddenly found that the virtual machine I installed has no graphical interface. I found the data and need to mount IOS

  • Step 2: Mount IOS

I'm stuck here, but I'm still unfamiliar with the command

mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom #Don't ask, run directly, if you don't know Baidu by yourself
cd /mnt/cdrom
ls #I was overjoyed and saw the desired result
manifest.txt  VMwareTools-10.3.21-14772444.tar.gz
  vmware-tools-upgrader-32  vmware-tools-upgrader-64
  • Step3: unzip and install
# Copy Tools to the specified directory
cp VMwareTools-10.3.21-14772444.tar.gz /home/deco/developer/
# decompression
cd /home/deco/developer/
tar zxpf VMwareTools-10.3.21-14772444.tar.gz
cd VMwareTools-10.3.21-14772444 
bin  caf  doc  etc  FILES  INSTALL  installer  lib  vgauth
sudo ./
#Error encountered:/ /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
#Because Tools are all developed in Perl, you have to install Perl environment and install them in batches
yum -y groupinstall "Perl Support"
# Continue after installation
# open-vm-tools packages are available from the OS vendor and VMware recommends using open-vm-tools packages.  See  for more information.  It means I suggest you use open VM tools. The installation is also very simple: Yum - y install open VM tools. See this, it's so simple that 10000 grass mud horses are galloping..
# Enter yes to confirm execution
# Note that you need to enter multiple times.
#Cancel mount
umount /mnt/cdrom # This command is not tested 
# The following figure appears: just reinstall VMware Tools

  • Step4: set shared directory

The operation steps are as follows:

  • Step5: normal access
cd /mnt/hgfs/
ls # See the result, perfect
06_docker_data  deco
#Set the environment variable DOCKERDATA
vi ~/.bashrc
#Add a line at the end
source ~/.bashrc
# Output: / mnt/hgfs/06_docker_data

Installation mode 2: lazy / convenient

At that time, I was mainly looking for VMWare Tools XXX tar. GZ, in the process of checking the data, I found that some blog posts mentioned Linux IOS, when I click Figure 1, I also found the clue, and I saw in a blog post that I found it in the installation path of VMWare.

Suddenly thought: go to VMware Fusion to find: Linux IOS, the result is as expected, in: / applications / VMware Fusion App / contents / library / isoimages found Linux IOS, double click directly to open it. Alas, 10000 grass mud horses are galloping.

VMware tools-10.3.21-14772444 tar. GZ copy it out, manually upload it to the virtual machine, and then install it. Installation method 1 starts from step 3.


The main problem this time is to find VMware Tools XXX tar. GZ, through this, it's a real battle.


Before success, I tried open VM tools. It seems that I didn't succeed. If I have time, I'll try it on another virtual machine.

yum install -y open-vm-tools
systemctl enable vmtoolsd
systemctl start vmtoolsd

reference resources

[manually install VMware Tools in a Linux virtual machine

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