That is, spell mall system to develop PHP source code applet


Is the shopping mode popular? E-commerce giants will not turn a blind eye to shopping. Recently, Taobao launched a special APP, and also launched a "Shopping Festival". China's two largest e-commerce companies are making efforts in "shopping", which shows how popular shopping is.

Tang Xingtong, an expert member of the network marketing research center of China E-Commerce Association, said in an interview with that social platforms such as wechat have created opportunities for spell shopping. Coupled with the endorsement of social factors of their acquaintances, the conversion rate of spell shopping trust transaction is higher than other low-cost shopping platforms.

The report released by the E-commerce Research Center shows that the user groups of Taobao and pinduoduo are highly coincident. Among the users who uninstall Taobao, 50.3% of them flow to pinduoduo.

As for the reasons for the popularity of shopping collage, some analysts pointed out that consumption not only needs to be upgraded, but also needs to be graded. Shopping collage meets the needs of some people for low-cost goods, and enables consumers to deeply participate in it through social networking, which is the reason for growth.

That is, the development of shopping mall system, that is, the development of shopping mall mode, that is, the development of shopping mall agent system, that is, the development of shopping mall applet, that is, the construction of shopping mall system source code, that is, the live broadcast of shopping mall system + applet development, that is, the development of shopping mall distribution system, that is, the development of shopping mall shopping system;

1, PHP coding development tool for spell system

1. Introduction to development tools:

Adobe Dreamweaver, EditPlus and Zend Studio are all good tools. Use EditPlus for lightweight, Dreamweaver for front-end design and Zend Studio for program development!

Integrated development environment is an integrated development environment that integrates dao into the main tools required in the process of software development. Its functions include but are not limited to code highlighting, code completion, debugging, construction, version control, etc. Some common PHP IDEs are as follows:

For art: Dreamweaver 8

Writing PHP: Eclipse, EditPlus

Test environment: wamp

Zend Studio: commercial version, official product of Zend, based on eclipse, Eclipse with PDT: free, Coda: commercial version, for Mac users, NetBeans: free and powerful, PHP Storm: commercial version, Aptana Studio: free, Ed: commercial version, Komodo IDE/Edit: IDE is commercial version, Edit can be used for free, Adobe Dreamweaver: commercial version

In addition to the integrated development environment, common text editors with code highlighting function are often selected as development tools because of their lightness and flexibility, such as Notepad + +, Editplus, SublimeText, Everedit (Chinese development), etc.

2, Introduction to the system mode of shopping mall:

(1) similar spell system:

  1.. Entry conditions: if you buy any 399 products, you can become a member, enter the ranking, and share subordinates

  2. Ranking method: copy by two, automatically slide down to the superior team at each point according to the order order order, from top to bottom, from left to right, and fill up 7 people (points)

  3. Exit and reward:
a. the team is full of 7 points, and the point on the top is out,
b. If you are out of the game, you can get 150 yuan / point, that is, 300 yuan (150 * 2), and 120 yuan / point, that is, 480 yuan (120 * 4). If you are out of the game, you can get at least 780 yuan,
c. if the second tier personnel are pushed directly by themselves, the second tier reward is also calculated by 150 / point

  4. Re Investment:
a. after exit, the system forces re investment, which will deduct 399 yuan from 780 yuan earned
b. re rank according to the order of exit. When ranking, those who were in the same team before are still hung under the same team, and so on. Carry out continuous re investment to earn exit income
  5. Withdrawal rules:
a. cash can be withdrawn only after recommending more than 2 people. Those who do not recommend more than 2 people can enter the ranking and see the income, but the income cannot be withdrawn
b. 95% of the system revenue can be withdrawn, and 5% can be directly converted into points for exchanging products

(2) What are the advantages of Jipin mall

1. Instant members
The shopkeeper of Yipin insists on the purpose of strictly selecting good goods, building trust, serious service and building reputation, and provides six core services to make Yipin members buy and satisfied.
2. Entrepreneurs
Namely, the shopkeeper takes the individual entrepreneur's steady and sunny income as the starting point, and the eight core services are fully supported, making the time of the entrepreneur of namely small shop more valuable.
3. Instant supplier
That is, the partners of the shopkeeper will continue to improve the service level and standards of suppliers, strive to achieve the mission of "fixed production and rapid turnover according to needs" and constantly empower suppliers.

3, PHP programming code example

//Display background {system development Kejia [1915741-7232] differentiable}

public void show() {

int height = map.length;

int width = map[0].length;

for (int i = 0; i < height; i++) {

for (int j = 0; j < width; j++) {






//Web frame

void putSnakeInMap(SnakeLine snakeLine) {

Point p;


map[][] = SnakeLine.worm;

for (int i = 0; i < snakeLine.snakePoints.size(); i++) {

p = snakeLine.snakePoints.get(i);

if (p.y > 0 && p.y < HEIGHT - 1 && p.x > 0 && p.x < WIDTH - 1) {

map[p.y][p.x] = (i == 0) ? snakeLine.head : snakeLine.body;

} else {





void putGameOverInMap(int points) {

char[] gameOver = ("GameOver Score:"+(points-3)).toCharArray();

for (int i = 0; i < gameOver.length; i++) {

map[HEIGHT / 2 - 1][i + (WIDTH - gameOver.length) / 2] = gameOver[i];






class SnakeLine {

static final int RIGHT = 0, DOWN = 1, LEFT = 2, UP = 3;

static final char head = 'O', body = 'o', worm = '~';//Functions and windows

static Point food = new Point((int) (Math.random() * (SnakeGame.WIDTH - 2)) + 1, (int) (Math.random() * (SnakeGame.HEIGHT - 2)) + 1);

private void newFood() {

food = new Point((int) (Math.random() * (SnakeGame.WIDTH - 2)) + 1, (int) (Math.random() * (SnakeGame

.HEIGHT - 2)) + 1);


As shown above, one charm of shopping is to integrate social factors, but the reporter learned in the interview that many consumers believe that this is consuming personal trust and wasting time.

"There are several times of successful shopping. You need to draw a lottery before you can buy. You need to pay attention to the official account before you buy. After you start shopping, you need to share it with your friends to help negotiate prices or guide them to participate." Tian Tian (a pseudonym), an office worker, told that as long as you are patient, you can definitely buy cheap things, but it takes a lot of time, and after sending it to your friends many times, will the other party be annoyed?

The purpose of setting such rules on the shopping platform is obvious. It is fast to pull new ones, and there is almost no need to spend promotion expenses. However, viral marketing can improve user awareness through high exposure rate, which does not represent consumer recognition.

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