The use of formatter formatting dictionary display of el-table in EleemntUI


Some properties are similar to those stored in dictionaries (key-value pairs), such as operators

1 represents the user id array The library also stores the user id, but the user name is displayed on the page

The czy stored in the database is a number that is the user's id


And to display on the page is the user's name



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Generally, when writing sql statements in the background, use the associated statement to query the user table to query the user name.

But this is just a map of key-value pairs for user id and name.

If it is a key-value pair mapping such as status, in addition to querying the associated table in the background, you can also use el-table in the front end.

formatter for formatted display.

First add operator this column on the page

    <el-table v-loading="loading" :data="bcbdlsList" @selection-change="handleSelectionChange">
      <el-table-column label="id" align="center" prop="id" v-if="false" />
      <el-table-column label="operator" align="center" prop="czy" :formatter="czyFormat" />


Then set a formatter for this column

:formatter= "czyFormat"

in the corresponding formatting method

    // Operator dictionary translation
    czyFormat(row, column) {
      var name = "";
      this.czyOptions.forEach(function (item, index) {
        if (row.czy == item.userId) {
          name = item.userName;
      return name;

The above code is to pass two parameters row is a row parameter, column is a column parameter

Then this.czyOption is an array of objects based on a mapping of user id and name, traverse this array

According to row.czy, the user id stored in the current row is obtained, that is, 1 or 2. In the loop, it is judged that if it is equal to the user id attribute in the key-value pair, the user's name is obtained and returned.

So where to query the data for this key-value mapped array?

First declare this array of dictionaries

  data() {
    return {
      // operator dictionary
      czyOptions: [],

Then request the background data in created to get the user list, so that the list of user objects can be obtained after the page is loaded

  created() {

in the method to get the data

    /** Get operator data */
    getUserList() {
      //Get operator data
      listUser(this.user).then((response) => {
        this.czyOptions = response.rows;

Assign the data queried from the background to the czyOptions above.

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